Gingerbread Haven

Hello friends, 

Thank you for your patience as we worked to find a creative alternative to our much-loved Gingerbread Haven event. After some experimentation, we've come up with a solution to ensure you receive the thoughtfully packaged gingerbread houses that you were looking forward to decorating. The houses will come with all the supplies needed to create your Christmas masterpiece. Simply follow the steps below: 

  1. Book an Appointment - choose whether you reserved a table or a seat at the Family Afternoon Event or the Ladies Luncheon
  2. Select a Location - choose whether you'd like to pick up your decorating kit at the Fair Havens offices, or have them delivered to your door (free of charge, of course!) 
  3. Choose Any Helper - it doesn't matter which you choose - it's just a required feature of this app to help us with scheduling
  4. Schedule the date and time you'd like to pick up or have your decorating kit delivered 
  5. IN THE APPOINTMENT NOTES BOX, please choose which prepackaged decorating option you want included with your order. If your order includes a table with multiple people, please let us know how many of each "type" you want. If you do not include these details, Santa will choose for you. 

(TIP: You might want to take a photo of these instructions for reference as you complete your order)

Proceed to the next page to review decorating package options

To those who haven't purchased a seat or table, but want to participate in the fun: Please stay tuned! Gingerbread Haven to-go will be available while supplies last after we fulfill our existing orders. 

Questions? Unable to participate this year? Please call our office at 432-689-3411.